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The IEL2-xxx range of weatherproof enclosures allow you to configure the enclosure to suit the job requirements. The enclosure comes complete with a body, top and bottom gland plate, chassis plate and 4 mounting brackets. An optional roof can be added in place of the top gland plate to provide a weatherproof enclosure. Inner door uprights can be added to provide an adjustable depth mounting upright for the optional inner door.

The enclosure has been designed for contractors to keep minimum inventory levels and configure the panel to suit the job requirements.

Designed and manufactured in South Africa to the highest quality standards

Sizes available:

Size – Height x Width x Depth

  • IEL2-200-G/O: 175mm x 250mm x 170mm
  • IEL2-201-G/O: 350mm x 250mm x 170mm
  • IEL2-202-G/O: 450mm x 300mm x 220mm
  • IEL2-203-G/O: 550mm x 400mm x 220mm
  • IEL2-204-G/O: 650mm x 450mm x 270mm
  • IEL2-205-G/O: 750mm x 550mm x 270mm
  • IEL2-206-G/O: 950mm x 700mm x 270mm
  • IEL2-207-G/O: 1150mm x 850mm x 270mm

Chassis Plate – Width x Height

  • IEL-200-G/O: 105mm x 180mm
  • IEL-201-G/O: 280mm x 180mm
  • IEL-202-G/O: 230mm x 380mm
  • IEL-203-G/O: 330mm x 480mm
  • IEL-204-G/O: 380mm x 580mm
  • IEL-205-G/O: 480mm x 680mm
  • IEL-206-G/O: 630mm x 880mm
  • IEL-207-G/O: 780mm x 1080mm

Available in Orange & Grey
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