Wall Mount Panel Fixed

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Wall Mount Panel. With chassis plate and bottom galvanised gland plate. Available in orange or grey.

Sizes available:

Size – Height x Width x Depth

  • IEL1-200-G/O: 175mm x 250mm x 170mm
  • IEL1-201-G/O: 350mm x 250mm x 170mm
  • IEL1-202-G/O: 450mm x 300mm x 220mm
  • IEL1-203-G/O: 550mm x 400mm x 220mm
  • IEL1-204-G/O: 650mm x 450mm x 270mm
  • IEL1-205-G/O: 750mm x 550mm x 270mm
  • IEL1-206-G/O: 950mm x 700mm x 270mm
  • IEL1-207-G/O: 1150mm x 850mm x 270mm

Chassis Plate – Width x Height

  • IEL-200-G/O: 105mm x 180mm
  • IEL-201-G/O: 280mm x 180mm
  • IEL-202-G/O: 230mm x 380mm
  • IEL-203-G/O: 330mm x 480mm
  • IEL-204-G/O: 380mm x 580mm
  • IEL-205-G/O: 480mm x 680mm
  • IEL-206-G/O: 630mm x 880mm
  • IEL-207-G/O: 780mm x 1080mm

Available in Orange & Grey
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